Direct modification - Easily resize and reshape model objects

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Direct Modification
easy modification
plane handles
line handles
reference point handles

Direct modification is an intuitive and easy editing mode for parts and other objects. In this video, you will learn how to resize, reshape, and move model objects by using direct modification handles.

We cover the following:

00:10 Overview
01:26 Switch direct modification on/off
01:31 Move, resize and reshape objects
01:58 Move one end only
02:14 Lengthen objects
02:19 Modify slab shape
02:30 Add corners to slab
02:47 Hide & show midpoint handles
02:58 Modify object's dimensions
03:50 Move handles by using numeric snapping
04:02 Delete handles
04:14 Add new points at the end of object
04:35 Control visibility of dimensions
05:26 Restrict handle's movement in XY or Z direction
06:26 Restrict handle's movement in parallel or perpendicular direction
07:05 Restrict handle's movement parallel to selected plane

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