Engineering library update - November 2022

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Engineering library update - November 2022

Tekla Tedds engineering library update (November 2022 - version 24.08) is available in Tekla Downloads.

American Design

RC beam torsion design (ACI318)

New calculation which calculates the quantity of torsional reinforcement required, if any, for a solid rectangular section subjected to a combination of direct shear force and torsional moment. In accordance with ACI318-19, ACI318-14 and ACI318-11.

Video demonstration

Other Updates

Batch design
  Enhanced to include an example for "RC beam torsion design (ACI318)".
Column base plate design (AISC360)
TEDDS-6686 Superseded note regarding anchor placement removed from calculation notes.

RC 2D analysis & design (ACI318)

RC beam analysis & design (ACI318)

RC beam design (ACI318)

TEDDS-6696 Fixed output statement for shear check when the required reinforcement is equal to the minimum required.
RC column design (ACI318)
TEDDS-6784 Enhanced to separate spiral reinforcement pitch and volumetric ratio checks and moved tie check to be included in all output.
TEDDS-7160 Corrected output of axial r factor for spirally reinforced columns in summary output.
RC wall design (ACI318)
TEDDS-6575 Improved list options for effective length factor.
TEDDS-6099 Removed unnecessary slenderness limit or 100 from ACI code versions after 2005.
Tilt-up wall panel design (ACI318)
TEDDS-5840 Corrected minimum reinforcement equation to use depth of reinforcement instead of wall thickness.

Australian Design

RC slab design (AS3600)
TEDDS-7201 Fixed undefined variable error Fd when selecting direct input of forces is selected.
TEDDS-7202 Fixed error where the value for shear could not be changed when selecting the direct input of forces method.

British Design

No updates.

Canadian Design

No updates.

Eurocode Design

Crane gantry girder design (EN1993)
TEDDS-7157 Fixed an undefined variable error for a four wheel end carriage when inputting the wheel loading to calculate the forces.
Foundation analysis & design (EN1992/EN1997)
TEDDS-5893 Revised calculation notes to clarify assumptions for favourable and unfavourable actions.
RC raft foundation (EN1992)
TEDDS-7284 Fixed undefined variable error when selecting summary output

Steel 2D analysis & design (EN1993)

Steel member design (EN1993)

Steel member analysis & design (EN1993)

TEDDS-6857 Enabled effective length factors for hollow section types.
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