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Expression text format

In Tedds, superscript and subscript characters are represented truly wherever possible. However, in some instances, representing the characters truly is not possible. In these cases, case superscripts and subscripts are displayed using expression text format.

Use expression text format

  • Subscript characters

    To create a subscript character, type _{characters}.

    For example, typing p_{cx} creates the variable pcx.

  • Superscript characters

    To create a superscript character, type ^(characters).

    For example, typing N/mm^(2) creates the unit N/mm2.


    Superscript characters are normally only used for units. If used within a variable name, Tedds interprets it as the variable raised to the specified superscript value.

  • Units

    Most units can be entered using subscript and superscript characters as above. However, the units for angles and temperature require special consideration.

    See codes for the units in the following table.

    Angle and temperature units
    Name Code
    degrees (°) \B0
    degrees centigrade (°C) \B0C
  • Greek characters

    To type a Greek character, type \charactercode.

    For example, typing \62 creates the character β.

    See the codes for all characters in the following table.

    Name Upper case Code Lowercase Code Roman equivalent
    alpha Α \41 α \61 A a
    beta Β \42 β \62 B b
    chi Χ \43 χ \63 C c
    delta Δ \44 δ \64 D d
    epsilon Ε \45 ε \65 E e
    phi Φ \46 φ \66 F f
    gamma Γ \47 γ \67 G g
    eta Η \48 η \68 H h
    iota Ι \49 ι \69 I i
    kappa Κ \4B κ \6B K k
    lambda Λ \4C λ \6C L l
    mu Μ \4D μ \6D M m
    nu Ν \4E ν \6E N n
    omicron Ο \4F ο \6F O o
    pi Π \50 π \70 P p
    theta Θ \51 θ \71 Q q
    rho Ρ \52 ρ \72 R r
    sigma Σ \53 σ \73 S s
    tau Τ \54 τ \74 T t
    upsilon Υ \55 υ \75 U u
    omega Ω \57 ω \77 W w
    xi Ξ \58 ξ \78 X x
    psi Ψ \59 ψ \79 Y y
    zeta Ζ \5A ζ \7A Z z

For Tedds for Word users:

You can access all Greek characters via Library Access System.

Go to Writing your own custom calculations > Calculation writing documentation > Greek characters.

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