Modify property sets for IFC export

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Modify property sets for IFC export

You can modify existing property sets.


If you have created additional property sets in a Tekla Structures version earlier than Tekla Structures 2022, only the property sets corresponding to the IFC objects types found in the Structural entity type category will be available in Tekla Structures 2022 or later. Property sets corresponding to object types located in other entity type categories (such as IfcCovering in Common) will need to be recreated.

Modify an IFC property set configuration file

  1. On the File menu, click Export > IFC or IFC4.
  2. Select an existing property set from the Additional property sets list and click the edit button .
    If you have copied one of the predefined configuration files in the model folder, open that one instead.
  3. Select one of the property sets from the Property Set list.

    Note that you can also edit the property set name and description, or delete an existing property set. To do that, click or respectively. The property set name may contain any text, including spaces. The maximum length of the property set name is 255 characters. The name should not start with the "Pset_" prefix, because this prefix is reserved for the standard BuildingSMART property sets.

  4. To modify the included entities, select the desired entity types from the Select entity types list, and then select the desired attributes from the Select attributes list.

    The attributes are added to the List of all selected properties list on the right. This list shows which attributes are exported.

  5. Under Create/Modify property, define the attribute properties.
    For details about defining the attribute properties, see Create new property sets for IFC export.
  6. Click Save to save your modifications.

1) The entity groups where Tekla Structures attributes are written in the exported IFC file

2) The template attributes or user-defined attributes that you want to export for the selected entity

3) List showing the selected attributes

4) The properties that you can define for the attributes

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