Edit tables in Template Editor

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Edit tables in Template Editor

If you need to edit a table in a drawing layout, you can open it in Template Editor (TplEd). In Template Editor, drawing layout tables are called templates.

You can only open tables with templates created or saved in Template Editor version 3.2. or later.

If your templates are located in a protected folder, the templates are read-only, and you cannot save modified templates in a protected folder. In this case, you need to start Tekla Structures as an administrator.

  1. In a drawing, double-click the table you want to modify.

    The following dialog box opens:

  2. Click Template Editor.

    Tekla Structures starts Template Editor, and the selected template is displayed.

  3. Modify the template and save the changes by selecting File > Save, or Save as to use another folder, for example the model folder.

Template Editor user's guide in PDF format: Tekla Structures PDF documentation.

The example below illustrates how a table looks in a drawing and in Template Editor. In this example, there is a revision table and a title block. The revision table is located above the title block and bound to the title block in the layout.

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