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Drawing Properties

Use a general arrangement drawing filter to limit the number of visible objects to determine the parts to be included in the anchor bolt plan. First create the base plate filter, then enter its name as the value for the advanced option. Tekla Structures will show in the anchor bolt plan the base plates defined by the drawing filter.

If this advanced option is set, base plate is a part that fulfills the following rules:

  • Part belongs to the same assembly as the column, which is the main part of the assembly.

  • Part passes the drawing filter specified by XS_ANCHOR_BOLT_PLAN_BASEPLATE_FILTER.

If there is more than one part in the column assembly that fulfills the rules, the lowest part is considered to be the base plate.

This advanced option is model specific and the setting is saved in the options database.


XS_ANCHOR_BOLT_PLAN_BASEPLATE_FILTER =<the name of the drawing filter for base plates>

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