Drawing weld mark properties

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Drawing weld mark properties

In Weld Mark Properties dialog box you can view and modify the properties of a weld mark that has been manually added in a drawing.

To open the weld mark properties, do one of the following in an open drawing:

  • Double-click a manually created weld.
  • Hold down Shift and click Weld mark on the Annotations tab.
  • On the Drawing tab, click Properties > Weld mark.




a= design throat thickness, s= penetration throat thickness, or z= leg length


The size of the weld. If you select a partial penetration weld as the weld type, you can enter two sizes.


The type of the weld.

For a list of available weld types and their descriptions, see List of weld types.

You can customize some of the weld type symbols, see Customize weld type symbols for more information.


The angle of weld preparation, bevels, or groove.

Tekla Structures displays the angle between the weld type symbol and the fill type contour symbol.


The fill type contour of a weld can be:

  • None

  • Flush

  • Convex

  • Concave


Tekla Structures displays the finish symbol above the weld type symbol in drawings. The options are:

  • G (Grind)

  • M (Machine)

  • C (Chip)

  • (Flush finished weld)

  • (Smooth blended weld face)


The length of a regular weld depends on the length of the connection between the welded parts. You can set the exact length of a polygon weld by, for example, defining the start and end points of the weld.


The center-to-center spacing of welds for non-continuous welds. Pitch is shown in the weld mark if the value is greater than 0.0.

To create a non-continuous weld, define the center-to-center spacing and the pitch of the welds. Tekla Structures calculates the distance between the welds as the pitch minus the length of the weld.

By default, Tekla Structures uses the – character to separate weld length and pitch, for example, 50–100. To change the separator to @, for example, set the advanced option XS_WELD_LENGTH_CC_SEPARATOR_CHAR to @.

Effective throat

The weld size used in weld strength calculation.

Root opening

The space between the welded parts.

Reference text

Additional information to appear in the weld symbol. For example, information about the weld specification or process.


Indicates whether only one edge or the entire perimeter of a face should be welded.

A circle in the weld symbol in drawings indicates the Around option has been used.


Indicates where the weld should be made.

Stitch weld

Set this option to Yes to create a staggered, intermittent weld.

Stitch welds are staggered on both sides of the welded part. Tekla Structures shows the weld type symbols as staggered in weld symbols.

If you set this option to No, a non- staggered intermittent weld is created. To show the pitch in a weld mark, set Pitch to a value greater than 0.0.


Search margin is the empty margin that you want to leave around the mark.

Minimum distance is the minimum distance of the mark from the part.

Quarter defines the areas Tekla Structures searches for a space to place the weld marks.

Placing is the method used to place welds marks:

  • free lets Tekla Structures decide the location and direction of the mark.

  • fixed allows you to place the weld at any point.

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