Section view properties

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Section view properties

When you create automatic section views, Tekla Structures creates section views and section marks using the current view and mark properties. You can modify the section view properties in an open drawing.



Attributes tab

Fit by parts

The Fit by parts setting works as an alternative to Section depth and Distance for combining cuts, and it shows the whole part in the sections.

Section depth

Defines the positive and negative distances of the section view when views are not combined.

Distance for combining cuts

Defines the distance range for combining cut views.


Define the view direction of the section. The options are:

  • Right section
  • Middle section
  • Left sectionLeft section

The available values are left or right.

Cutting line tab


Length and offset of the cutting line.


Color of the cutting line.

Section mark tab


Defines the text on the section mark. Click the ... buttons next to the text boxes to open the Mark Contents dialog box.

Symbol: Color

Color of the section mark symbol.

Left symbol, Right symbol

Left and right section mark symbol.


Size of the section mark left and right symbol.


Offset of the section mark left and right symbol.

Start number or letter of section view and symbol label

Defines the letter or number used in the section view label or in the section symbol label.

You can enter any number starting from 1 or any letter A - Z or a - z (also shown in uppercase in the label). If you use letter, and the entered string is longer than one letter, only the first letter is shown in the view label and section symbol label. If you use numbers, all entered numbers are shown. The start number changes only if you change it in the drawing properties before creating a drawing, and if you change the option in an existing drawing and recreate the drawing, in which case section view and symbol labels for all automatically included section views and all new section views will change.

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