Dimensioning properties - Position dimensions tab (Integrated dimensioning)

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Dimensioning properties - Position dimensions tab (Integrated dimensioning)

Use the Position dimensions tab in the Dimensioning Properties dialog box to view and modify the settings for the position dimensions in single-part, assembly and cast unit drawings.

Note that the contents of the dialog box vary depending on the drawing type, and all the options listed below are not available for all drawing types. This dialog box is displayed if you use Integrated dimensions dimensioning type in dimensioning.



Position bolts to

Position parts to

Controls from where Tekla Structures creates the part/bolt position dimensions.

None creates no position dimensions.

Main part creates the dimensions from the main part reference line.

Working points creates the dimensions between the work points, such as the intersections of main and neighbor part reference lines.

Embedded objects

Creates position dimensions for locating embedded objects in cast unit drawings. The embedded objects are custom components attached to the cast unit.

As secondary objects dimensions embedded objects in cast unit drawings the same way as secondary parts.

By reference point dimensions embedded objects to their reference point, which is the origin of the custom component.

Secondary part

Creates dimensions to bolt holes or edges of the secondary part.

None creates no position dimensions for secondary parts.

By bolt dimensions bolt hole locations in the secondary parts.

By part dimensions edges of secondary parts.

By both dimensions bolt hole locations and edges of the secondary part.

Secondary part dimension direction

Aligns dimensions with the main or neighboring part. Only for skewed clip angles or shear plates.

Position from

Sets the start point for running dimensions. Only for skewed clip angles or shear plates bolted to a neighboring part.

Reversed direction for running dimensions

Yes changes the direction of running dimensions. With this option, you can set the zero point to the end of a member rather than to the start.

Main part bolt position

On creates dimensions to the bolt hole locations in the main part.

Main part skew position

Yes creates horizontal and vertical check dimensions representing the skew position of a brace. Created between the work points of the main part.

Skew check dimensions are located in the front view. Their location depends on the Main dimension position setting selected on the General tab. When the main dimensions are above the part, the skew dimensions are below, and vice versa.

Skew position

Defines how Tekla Structures dimensions skewed secondary part positions.

None creates no dimensions for skewed secondary part positions.

angle creates an angle dimension for the secondary part.

Dimensions creates dimensions for the skewed position of the secondary part.

Both creates both the angle and the dimensions.

Centered part

Controls the dimensions of centrally-placed parts. These settings have an effect only if position dimensions are created.

Internal dimensions the centered parts overall size.

Position dimensions the part to the main part center lines.

None creates no centered part dimensions.

Centered bolt

Controls the dimensions of centrally-placed bolt groups.

Internal dimensions the centered bolts spread.

Position dimensions the bolts to the main part center-lines.

Centered bolt overrides the Secondary part bolt internal option for centered bolts. This only applies to bolts located centrally on the part.

Elevation dimensions

On creates elevation dimensions.

Combine equal dimensions

Combines equal dimensions. The choices are Off, 3*60 or 3*60=180.

The accuracy of combining equal dimensions is 0.1.

Minimum number to combine

Defines the minimum number of dimensions to combine.

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