Create a template for bending schedules or pull-out pictures

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Create a template for bending schedules or pull-out pictures

You can use Template Editor for creating bending schedules or pull-outs pictures on reinforcement bars and bent meshes, and control the type of information that is shown in the bending schedules.

  1. On the File menu, click Editors > Template Editor.
  2. Click File > New.
  3. Select Graphical template and click OK.
  4. Click Insert > Component > Row to add a new row.
  5. Select REBAR or MESH as the content type for the row.
  6. Add value fields to get the required data from your Tekla Structures database.
    1. Click Insert > Value field.
    2. Click a point to define the location of the field within the row.

      The Select Attribute dialog box appears prompting you to select an attribute for the value field.

    3. Select an attribute and click OK.
    4. Repeat steps a–c for each value field.
  7. Insert a graphical field to your REBAR or MESH content type row.
    1. Click Insert > Graphical Field...
    2. Click and drag with the mouse to draw a frame.
  8. Double-click the graphical field to open the Graphical Field Properties dialog box.
  9. Click Free attributes and go to the Application tab.
  10. Select the required bending diagram attributes.

    You can also define the bending diagram attributes on the User tab. Note that if the same attribute is set both as User attribute and Application attribute, the Application attribute takes precedence.

    For a list of attributes and values that can be used for bending schedules in templates, see Bending schedule attributes.

  11. Save the template.


Autoscaling pull-out pictures

There is a free attribute available for the PULLOUT attribute in graphical templates that you can use to define the scale type. If you set the free attribute ScaleType to 1 on the User tab in the Free attributes dialog box, the pull-out pictures will be scaled to fit the available space in both X and Y dimensions. As a result, the shape becomes out of proportion, but small segments can be seen more easily. Note that you can also set this attribute on the Application tab.

A bending shape may look like this if you do not define the free attribute ScaleType:

The same bending shape that uses the free attribute ScaleType with value 1.

Change the appearance of the pull-out pictures

Tekla Structures uses the settings in the rebar_config.inp file in the system folder defined by the advanced option XS_SYSTEM to define the appearance of the pull-out pictures. You can change the colors, lines, and dimension unit, format, and precision used in pull-out pictures, for example. For a list of settings and values in rebar_config.inp, see Reinforcement settings for drawings (rebar_config.inp)

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