Modify drawing properties of an existing drawing

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Modify drawing properties of an existing drawing

If you are not satisfied with the drawing properties after creating the drawing and checking it, you can modify the automatic drawing properties in the created drawing.

  1. Open the drawing.
  2. Double-click the drawing background.
  3. Do one the following, depending on the type of the drawing:

    Single-part, assembly and cast unit drawings:

    1. Go through the various options in the drawing property options tree and adjust the values as required.

      The check boxes next to the options are automatically selected when you change something for that particular option.

    2. To adjust view-level settings (views, dimensions, filters, protected areas, marks and objects), click View creation, select the desired view and view properties file and click View properties.
    3. Adjust the view properties as required.
    4. Click Save in View Properties to save the properties in the view properties file, when you are done.
    5. Click OK in View Properties to return to the drawing properties.

    General arrangement drawings:

    1. Switch all the check boxes off by clicking the on/off switch at the bottom of the dialog box and only select the check boxes for the options that you wish to change.
    2. Go through the various options in the drawing properties dialog box, and make the necessary changes.
    3. Click OK in each subdialog box where you changed the properties to save the changes and to return to drawing properties.
  4. Click Modify.

    The drawing is changed according to the changes that you made in the drawing properties.


Some of the changes in you make require a drawing recreation. For more information, see Recreation of drawings.


You can also modify the properties of several drawings by selecting them from Document manager, right-clicking and selecting Properties

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