Clone drawings

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Clone drawings

You should consider cloning drawings when:

  • There are several similar parts, assemblies, or cast units in the model.

  • You want to ease editing work when there are several similar parts that have different position numbers. You may have separate drawings of these similar parts.

  • The drawings need a lot of manual editing

If cloning does not produce a satisfactory result, you need to modify the cloned drawing manually. For example, you can create a drawing for one truss, modify the drawing, and then clone it for similar trusses. Sometimes you need to modify the cloned drawings where the trusses differ.

The cloned drawing may contain more or less parts than the original drawing. Part properties, marks, associative notes and related text objects are cloned from a similar part in the original drawing.

You can clone drawings using the cloning templates added in the Master Drawing Catalog in the existing model and in other models, using a drawing in Document manager of the current model, and using the cloning templates in the template library.

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