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Define marks

Marks are associative annotation objects that are used for identifying individual building objects in a drawing. A mark displays a set of user-selectable properties called mark elements. Automatic marks are marks that Tekla Structures creates in a drawing based on the mark properties defined in drawing properties.

You can modify the mark properties after creating the drawing, and add marks manually in an open drawing.

The mark properties define what Tekla Structures shows in marks and how the marks are shown. In addition, Tekla Structures uses the contentattributes_global.lst attributes file for setting the default unit settings for some mark elements. You can use contentattributes_userdefined.lst when you want to configure settings of your own.

Tekla Structures is able to create the following automatic marks:

  • Part marks

  • Bolt marks

  • Neighbor part marks

  • Surface treatment marks

  • Connection marks

  • Model weld marks

  • Reinforcement marks

  • Pour object marks

  • Dimension marks

  • View and section view label marks, and section marks

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Set up and add automatic marks for building objects

Add automatic marks

Indicate whether to show and merge marks

Adjust the visibility of automatic marks

Add frames around single mark elements or around the mark itself, adjust the appearance of the mark text and leader line, and change the unit and format of an element

Adjust text, frames and leader lines of automatic marks

Check how the location of the mark is affected by mark placement settings, the type of the leader line, predefined mark location and part orientation settings, modeling direction of parts, and drawing protection settings

Mark location

Automatically merge part marks, surface treatment marks or reinforcement marks

Merge marks automatically

Show the mark frame and leader line of the hidden part with a dashed or a solid line

Show mark frames and leader lines for hidden parts

Set or change the unit and the number of decimals in measurement values for various mark elements

Change unit settings for marks

Use advanced options to define the contents of the bolt mark Size element

Define size in bolt marks using advanced options

Add level attributes in part marks and associative notes as user-defined attributes

Add level attributes in automatic part marks

Add user-defined attributes and template attributes in marks

Add attributes in automatic marks

Add custom graphical templates as elements in marks, for example, add a template that changes the unit and the number of decimals in measurement values in a mark

Add templates in marks

Add symbols in mark from a specific symbol file

Add symbols in automatic marks

Add a pull-out picture of a reinforcing bar in a reinforcement mark

Add pull-out pictures in automatic reinforcement marks

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