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Create project and firm folders

Use project and firm folders for customized files. These can be custom ribbons, drawing styles, profile and material catalogs, or any other settings you want to store for future use. You can use the same files each time you start a new model or install a new version of Tekla Structures. This also means you can easily revert back to the default settings, because you have not overwritten any of the system files.

Use the project folder for customized files that are only used in a particular project. A project may consist of several models done by separate teams, all spread out in different locations. You can save project-specific files and settings in the project folder, so that everyone in the project can use them. Project may also consist of one model that is shared by different companies.

Use the firm folder to store customized files for the entire organization or company. These settings and files are meant to be used in all projects within the company. For example, let's say you regularly work for a company that has specific drawing layout standards it expects you to use. Customize the drawing templates once for the company and save them in a sub-folder located under the firm folder. You can then use the customized drawing templates for all future projects for that company.

When working within one company, the firm and project folders are usually located in network folders so that everyone can access them. They are defined by XS_FIRM and XS_PROJECT. When working in a model sharing project, each company needs to have its own firm settings in a folder defined by XS_FIRM , and a common project folder for project settings defined by XS_PROJECT. It may be useful to create a startup shortcut on your desktop for each project containing all necessary folders.


Changing an advanced option value in .ini files located outside the model folder does not affect the existing models. You can only update advanced options in the Advanced Options dialog box or in the options.ini file located in model folder; not from an options.ini file located in folders defined for the advanced options XS_​FIRM or XS_​PROJECT. The .ini files are read also when you open an existing model, but only new advanced options that do not exist in options_model.db or options_drawings.db are inserted, for example, such options that are not yet in the Advanced Options dialog box but have been added in the software.

Create a project or firm folder

  1. Create an empty folder in a shared location, for example on a network drive.
  2. Name the folder appropriately.
  3. In Tekla Structures , go to the File menu and click Settings > Advanced options.
  4. In the File Locations category, define the path to the firm or project folder you created in step 1 for the advanced option XS_FIRM or XS_PROJECT.
  5. Restart Tekla Structures for the change to take effect.
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