Activating Tekla Structures licenses

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Activating Tekla Structures licenses

You need to activate the licenses on the license server to be able to use them. When you activate the licenses, your license server contacts the activation server at Trimble Solutions, and the license rights are transferred to the license server at your company or, in the case of a single user, to your computer. Tekla Structures License Administration Tool is the application used for activating licenses. To be able to activate the licenses, you need an entitlement certificate.

Consider the following when you are activating licenses:

  • If the license server is installed on the same computer as Tekla Structures , the user activates the licenses.

  • If the license server is installed on a separate server computer, the administrator activates the licenses, grants the users the rights to use the activated licenses, and provides the users all the required information.

  • You do not need to activate all the licences at once. You can activate part of the licenses now and part of the licenses later on some other computer, for example. Different configurations and different versions need to be selected for activation separately.

  • Internet access is required in license activation because the license server at your company needs to contact the activation server at Trimble Solutions.

  • You need to decide whether you want to notify the license server of license changes manually or automatically. Do not use automatic notification if you are using some other FlexNet license and license server administration tool, such as FlexNet Manager.

Entitlement certificate EntitlementCertificate.html

  • You need to save the Tekla Structures license entitlement certificate, which is sent in an e-mail to the person in your organization who has made the license purchase, or to someone named as the contact person. The entitlement certificate states the configurations, quantities and activation IDs of the Tekla Structures licenses you are entitled to use. The activation ID enables the transfer of license rights. Before activating any licenses, you need to download the entitlement certificate file EntitlementCertificate.html from your e-mail to the ..\TeklaStructures\License\Server folder. After that you can open the entitlement certificate with Tekla Structures License Administration Tool and activate your licenses.

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