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Tekla Structures licensing system

Tekla Structures uses FlexNet Publisher License Management version 11.13 (later on FlexNet) licensing system. FlexNet is a licensing system provided by Flexera Software. The FlexNet licensing system is activation-based, and it supports redundancy via a server list. In an activation-based licensing system you need to activate your licenses to transfer the license rights from Trimble Solutions to your license server.

Tekla Structures cannot be used without a valid license. To get an entitlement certificate, you need to buy a license. If you have problems downloading and installing a commercial version of Tekla Structures, please contact your local Tekla office: http://www.tekla.com/contact/offices-and-resellers. There are no trial licenses available.

Tekla Structures holds licenses in trusted storage. This means that Tekla Structures does not support three-server redundancy, where licenses are held in license files. However, you may have any number of license servers, and use search paths for defining and finding them.

Key steps in an activation-based licensing system

In an activation-based licensing system the following tasks need to be performed before users can start using Tekla Structures :

Benefits from using activation-based licensing

The main benefits of the activation-based FlexNet licensing system:

  • You do not need hardware locks or password files.

  • You can update and renew licenses easily.

  • You can create user groups with different access rights for different Tekla Structures configurations.

  • You have multiple options for managing licenses. You do not have to activate all of the licenses on the same license server. You can activate some of the licenses on a common server and the rest locally on each user’s computer, for example. You can easily change the location of the licenses by deactivating them on one license server and activating on another.

  • You can handle licenses efficiently. You can activate licenses on a license server in a local area network. When you start Tekla Structures , a license is checked out from the license server. When you close Tekla Structures , the license is checked in and it is available for another user.

  • You can use Tekla Structures offline by borrowing licenses.

Tekla Campus users

The FlexNet licensing system is not used with Tekla Structures Learning Edition, and FlexNet licensing instructions do not apply. For more information about Tekla Structures Learning Edition, see https://campus.tekla.com/

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