Administrator's release notes: Concrete components

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Tekla Structures

Administrator's release notes: Concrete components

Sloping slab drainage

You can now set the pour phase for the drainage parts. The default pour phase is the same as for the concrete slab. (TT127847)

Rectangular column reinforcement (83)

When creating cranked rebars, you can now define the length separately for the side bars and corner bars on the Bar ends tab. (TT132120) (TT104691)

Electric box in wall (84)

You can select the creation orientation of the electric box. (TT131759)

Braced girder (88), (89)

You can now create bar C as a plate. (TT131919)

Reinforcement mesh array components (89)(91)

You can set the mesh spacing type to Exact number on the Picture tab. Use Exact number when the mesh has a specified number of spacings, like 1*100, in mesh_database.inp. (TT129561)

Create hole around part (92)

You can now the cut offset from the edge of the cut part. (TT67951)

The component now works correctly with slabs. (TT132587)

Reinforced concrete stair (95)

Reinforced concrete stair (95) has the following improvements:

  • The stirrups and the pin bar on the Bar E tab are created with enough of cover thickness. Also, the side of the endings of the stirrups on the Bar E tab have been turned around. (TT130033)
  • There are new rebar end condition options on the Bar C tab. (TT131559)
  • You can define hooks for rebars on the Bar B tab. (TT131668)
  • The radius value for the bottom end and top end rebars is applied correctly on the Landings end bars tab. (TT131669)
  • You can create rebar shape 64 on the Bar C and Bar E tabs. (TT131670)

Automatic splicing tool

The list of Splice symmetry options has an option that mirrors the first symmetry option in the list. (TT131149)

The following components contain fixes:

  • Embedded anchors (8)
  • Hole generation (32)
  • Concrete stairs (65)
  • Pad footing reinforcement (77)
  • Lifting anchor (80)
  • Corbels and recesses (82)
  • Rectangular column reinforcement (83)
  • Concrete console (110)
  • Concrete console (111)
  • Concrete beam-beam (112)
  • Detailing manager
  • Double wall edge and opening reinforcement
  • Floor layout
  • Mesh bars by area
  • Mesh bars
  • Sandwich wall window
  • Rebar coupler and anchor tools
  • Wall groove seam detail
  • Wall layout
  • Wall to wall connection
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