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Open the Inventory module

To access the Inventory module, do the following:

In the Tekla EPM dialog box, click the Inventory icon.

The Inventory dialog box opens. See the elements of the dialog box in the following image:

(1) The summary grid shows the quantities, weights, and valuations of items in stock and on order.

(2) The navigation trees on the left to select which items you want to view. The upper navigation tree allows you to only view selected shapes, whereas the lower navigation tree allows you to only view items in a selected job or inventory location.

You can click + to expand the list. Then, click the items that you want to view in the display area.

For detailed instructions, see View only particular material dimensions, jobs, or locations in the Inventory dialog box.

(3) The display area lists all material items in the inventory.

(4) The leftmost unnamed column shows the statuses of different material items. The status indicators consist of the following abbreviations:
  • PO: Items are on a purchase order

  • O: Items are on order (not yet received)

  • R: Items are reserved for a job

  • C: Items have been combined

For example, items labeled PO-O-R-C have been combined and are on a purchase order, have been reserved for a job, and have not yet been received.

Items without any status indicator in this column are open stock items and were entered manually.

(5) Zero quantity items are placeholders for items that have been received on a purchase order, but have not been finalized yet. Zero quantity items cannot be modified in the inventory, and the combining details table below the input area does not display any information about whether items are properly linked to production control jobs.

Using zero quantity items in the inventory allows Tekla EPM to properly modify the base pricing if the pricing in the purchase order is modified after the materials have been received and split into different line items.

You can hide the zero quantity items by creating and saving a filter that excludes these items. This way, you will not mistake them for additional material items in the inventory. For more information, see Filter information in the Inventory dialog box.

(6) The input area allows you to add information for existing or new items. It also displays the properties of an item selected in the display area.

Note that properties of items that are on a purchase order or that are placeholders with zero quantity cannot be modified, so the input fields become inactive if you select them in the display area.

You can modify the available fields in the Edit Input Fields dialog box.

(7) The combining details table shows the parts to be cut from the item selected in the display area.

Note that under the combining details table, you can see if the items that are combined to the selected inventory item are properly linked to a production control job.

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