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Adjust standard shop information

In Fabricator Information, you can adjust all standard shop information according to your shop's actual hourly rates, pricing, equipment capacity, and efficiency. When you set the standard shop information correctly, Tekla EPM will be able to make more accurate calculations for your estimates. The sub dialog boxes of Fabricator Information also allow you to modify shop operations, labor rates, and markups percentages.

  1. Click the Maintenance ribbon tab.
  2. On the menu, select Estimating > Fabricator Information.

  3. In the Fabricator Information dialog box, modify the settings to match your shop standards.
    In the following table, see details on some of the shop standard settings:



    Further information

    Auto Clip-Angles

    When selected, Tekla EPM uses the standard clip settings, automatically adding the labor and materials for them according to the labor code.

    To modify the standard clips, see Manage standard clips.
    Identify [Items] Longer Than

    The maximum length allowed for the named items.

    When the item length exceeds this value, Tekla EPM will add it into the Problem Summary Sheet report.

    Maximum Quantity For [Items]

    The maximum number allowed for the named items.

    When the item quantity exceeds this value, Tekla EPM will add it into the Problem Summary Sheet report.

    Shop Efficiency

    The shop efficiecy percentage used in all future estimating jobs.

    The shop efficiency percentage affects the labor time and can be used in different ways. For example, it may be useful to set a lower percentage if your shop is fabricating miscellaneous items instead of structural ones.

    Note that the shop efficiency can be manually changed for each job. Existing estimating jobs are not affected by changing the efficiency percentage.

    If necessary, the percentage can exceed 100 percent. For example, changing the shop efficiency to 125% will reduce the standard labor time by 20%, whereas using the shop efficiency of 75% will add 33% to the standard labor time.

  4. Modify labor operations according to your needs, or define markup percentages.

Do not click Save until you have modified the labor operations and markup percentages. Saving the settings closes the Fabricator Information dialog box.

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