Use Trimble Connect with a production control job

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Use Trimble Connect with a production control job

You can view the production control job information in an IFC model using Trimble Connect. You can interact with the model in several ways: by sharing the production status of items to Trimble Connect, color-coding items in the IFC model, or selecting items in the IFC model or in the production control jobs.

We recommend that you start the production control job by importing an XML file from Tekla Structures. The XML file includes GUIDs, unique identifiers that match the identifiers in the IFC model. The necessary IFC settings for Tekla Structures plugin can be downloaded from Tekla Warehouse.

Before you can view the job information in Trimble Connect, your Tekla EPM administrator needs to set up the Trimble Connect integration settings. For more information, see Link Tekla EPM to Trimble Connect.

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