Upgrade Tekla Tedds to a new version

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Upgrade Tekla Tedds to a new version

Note: The following instructions are specifically for users who already have a earlier version of Tekla Tedds installed.

Licensing information specific to Tekla Tedds 2020

  • Upgrade Licenses - Tekla Tedds 2020 will require the activation of a new license. You should already be in possession of your Product Activation Key (PAK) as these are usually distributed prior to the software release. Please contact your local Service Department now if you do not have your PAK. To minimise any down time we advise that your PAK is activated BEFORE installing Tekla Tedds 2020.

  • License Server Version - the Tekla Structural License Service must be updated to the new version 3.00.0001 (incorporating Sentinel RMS 9.5) to be compatible with this release. Licensing will not function correctly if this update is not performed! Please see this article for more information about this, and see System Requirements for specific version details.
  • Subscription Licenses & Tekla Online Licensing - if you have switched to subscription licensing select the new Tekla Online License Method when installing the program as shown in the picture below. Please note the following:

You can download the installation package for Tekla Tedds 2020 from the Tekla Downloads service.

Install the upgrade

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