Contact Tekla Support to solve Model Sharing issues

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Tekla Model Sharing

Contact support from Tekla Structures Help

  1. Log in to Tekla Structures and open the shared model.
  2. Click FileHelp > Contact Tekla Support.
    1. Describe the problem in detail and select Model Sharing as the category.
    2. Click Next and make sure that all check boxes are checked.
    3. Click Next and check the summary and click Create case
    4. Close the application. You will receive a confirmation email from Tekla Support.


Use support tool and select Model Sharing Category



This way Tekla Support receives the entire model and the log files that are needed to investigate the issues with model sharing.

Additionally, you can invite Tekla Support to join a shared model

Once your local support contacts you, you can invite the support team member to join the shared model.

  1. Click File > Sharing > Users.
  2. Invite your local support contact to join the model as Viewer, click Add.
  3. Select Send e-mail notification to user.
  4. Click Save changes.
File > Sharing > Users


Add support person as viewer to project




Also, remember to remove the support team member from the users when no longer needed.

Remove support user afterwards
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