System and user libraries

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System and user libraries

The Library Access System recognizes two types of libraries: system and user libraries. You can recall the contents of both types into any document. You can also modify the contents of a user library according to your needs. However, you cannot make changes to a system library, unless you are authorized to do so.

The information in this section is aimed at two types of users:
  • Personal user:

    A user that has created calculations for their own use, and thinks that they might be useful to other Tedds users.

  • Organizational user:

    A user that is creating a standard set of calculations that are used in an organization. The calculations are carefully revised and tested before they are released organization-wide. In addition, only the individual or group who created the calculations can modify them.

Naming libraries

Whether you are creating sets and libraries for personal use or for organizational use, pay attention to the names that you use for your libraries and the entries in them.

  • If you plan on sharing libraries with others, ensure that the name of your library is not the same as the name of someone else's library. Having two libraries with the same name creates a risk of overwriting one library by the other. In consequence, you may lose valuable data.

  • Ensure that the names of libraries convey the content of the calculations to other users.

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