2018 SP1: New features and improvements


Номер дефекта Район застройки Описание
TSAC-1000 Concrete components In Hole generation (32), it is now possible to place the opening by the opening center point.
TSAC-1261 Concrete components In Mesh bars, the bars are now created around all holes.
TSAC-1278 Concrete components The Rebar end anchor and Rebar coupler components have been changed to work correctly with rebar sets in curved cases, when multiple small leg faces form a curve. Previously, only some of the couplers or end anchors were created.

TSAC-1390 Concrete components Mesh bars now works correctly when the primary bars are set to the global X direction.
TSAC-1421 Concrete components Previously, if the saved property file of an existing Sandwich wall window was missing, the component created very big cut parts in modification. This caused a high computer load and Tekla Structures did not respond for a while. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-1458 Concrete components Rebar coupler and end anchor components have been changed so that they set the phase of the coupler/end anchor to be the same as the phase of the related primary reinforcement bar.

Note that if you change the phase of the coupler/end anchor manually afterwards, this manual change will be overridden whenever the coupler/end anchor component gets updated.
TSAC-1473 Concrete components Concrete console (110): Cut around anchor rod is now correctly created when using HII profile as secondary part.
TSAC-1474 Concrete components In Mesh bars, the selection filters for cuts are now shown in the list on the Detailing tab.
TSAC-1479 Concrete components In Mesh bars, adding hooks to primary bars no longer affects the cover thickness of secondary bars.
TSAC-1512 Concrete components In Reinforced concrete stair (95), the rebars defined on the Bar J tab are now created correctly when the number of steps is 4.
TSAC-1530 Concrete components Wall layout has been changed so that an opening which is not created for all layers is not taken into account when the layout is divided (by seams) into individual walls.
TSAC-1611 Concrete components Floor layout has been changed to work properly and split a slab in situations where the break line ends to the slab edge.
TSAC-1639 Concrete components In Concrete console (111), the console is now correctly created when there is another component placed on the same level.
TSAC-1678 Concrete components In Concrete console (110), the bottom tube profile is now created correctly when using an HII profile as the secondary part.
TSAC-1695 Concrete components In Detailing manager, you can now use Strip footing reinforcement (75) to detail a structure. Previously, Strip footing reinforcement (75) was not added to the Component box in the rules when you tried to add it.
TSAC-662 Concrete components You can now have 25 rule tabs in Detailing manager.
TSAC-689 Concrete components In Mesh bars by area, changing the value of the Up direction option no longer causes an incorrect number of rebars to be created.
TSAC-690 Concrete components In Mesh bars by area, changing the value of the Up direction option no longer causes rebars with incorrect length to be created.
TSAC-731 Concrete components The following improvements have been made in Hollow core lifting loops:
  • You can now move individual lifters in the x and y direction using direct modification. You can also change the lifter type from the direct modification toolbar.
  • On the Basic settings tab, you can now define the channel numbers at all channels or at the second channel.
  • You can now define the following new options in the configuration file: MainPartProfile, ChannelOptions, RecessName: cutpartname, and GroutingProfile.
TSAC-773 Concrete components In Detailing manager, there are several improvements in rule tab handling.
Double-click a rule tab to:
  • Rename the rule tab. Previously, you right-clicked the tab to rename it.
  • Clear the information on the tab.
  • Close other tabs than the selected tab.
  • Close all tabs, including the first tab. Closing all tabs gives you a new empty first tab.
TSAC-817 Concrete components In Mesh bars, the mesh is now created correctly regardless of the complexity of its polygon.
TSAC-856 Concrete components Detailing manager now uses Pad footing reinforcement (77) when selected in the Detailing manager dialog box.
TSAC-913 Concrete components Rebar coupler and end anchor components now set the value IfcMechanicalFastener for the IFC Entity attribute for parts and assemblies created by these components.
TSAC-950 Concrete components In Round column reinforcement (82), the main bars are now correctly distributed.
TSAC-1304 Steel components In Bolted moment connection (134), the gap between the stiffener and the main part web is now correctly created when connecting to the main part web.
TSAC-1439 Steel components In Tube gusset (20), you can now set the bolt assembly type separately for the bolts on the gusset side and the bracing side.
TSAC-1482 Steel components In Wraparound gusset (58), the end gusset bolted to the beam or column does not disappear anymore.
TSAC-1531 Steel components In Sheal Pl Simple (35), you can now create round corners for cope cuts.
TSAC-1560 Steel components Stanchions (S76) no longer crashes when a user defines a long part prefix.
TSAC-244 Steel components In Bolted moment connection (134), you can now cut the flange plates parallel to the main part when the secondary part is sloped.
TSAC-301 Steel components In Stiffened shear plate (17), you can now define the width and height of the filler plate. You can also set the distance of the filler plate from the start of the secondary part, and the offset from the center line of the secondary part.
The functionality of the component has been improved for skewed secondary parts and secondary parts with a U profile.
TSAC-877 Steel components In U.S. Bearing plate (1044), you can now set on the Plates tab that the bearing plate is created horizontally.
TSAC-919 Steel components In Stairs (S71), Wooden steps pan (S72), Polybeam pan (S73) and Z pan (S74), you can now define different profiles for left and right stringers.
TTSD-11585 Organizer Organizer does not write headers and footers to Excel pages anymore. Users can now define their own headers and footers in Excel.
TTSD-13629 Organizer Previously, when you closed Tekla Structures while Organizer was still open, Tekla Structures could show you an error message. This has now been fixed.
TSAC-1592 Import, export, interoperability Eliplan Export (68): The export log now contains detailed information about unmapped records.
TSAC-809, TSAC-805, TSAC-807, TSAC-811, TSAC-1441 Import, export, interoperability The BVBS Export contains the following improvements:
  • Parameters tab:

    • Now the option Selected reinforcement only also works in drawing mode.

    • The Drawing name source setting now has two new options: Reinforcement UDA and Template. These two new options offer you custom ways of controlling drawing marks, especially if you are working with cast-in-place structures.

    • Two new settings Position source and User-defined reinforcement position have been added to define the reinforcement position. The options for the setting the position source are Reinforcement position, Reinforcement UDA and Fixed text. Exported item with the same position number but different UDA position number will now be exported to different rows.

    • Operations with drawing data and reinforcement positions now use the same method to get the UDA values. If a UDA does not have any value, this is reported in the log.

  • UDAs tab:

    • This is a new tab for defining the UDA fields to be used, and fields for defining the content to write into reinforcement UDAs. You can tag UDAs based on release code, release status, release date and released by information. You can also select whether existing UDAs are checked and handled by using the new setting Check existing UDAs. The options are No, Prevent export, Report to log, Report to log and overwrite, and Overwrite only.

TTSD-11756 Import, export, interoperability In drawing DWG export, if you select to export based on a base point, the resulting DWG is now rotated according to the base point angle, which was not the case previously.
TTSD-12121 Import, export, interoperability Tekla Structures now contains IFC plug-in version 5.23.
TTSD-12595 Import, export, interoperability Exporting a drawing to DWG now sets the plot date when XS_DISABLE_DRAWING_PLOT_DATE is set to FALSE.
TTSD-12979 Import, export, interoperability In PDMS link, the polybeams are now rotated correctly.
TTSD-13295 Import, export, interoperability IFC object conversion of curved beams has been improved.
TTSD-13669 Import, export, interoperability When you copied multiple drawing views to other drawing views, the view relationships could sometimes get broken, and drawing export no longer worked, for example. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-14307 Import, export, interoperability Tekla Structures now contains SketchUp plug-in version 1.57.
TTSD-14438 Import, export, interoperability In drawing DWG export, exporting using basepoints now follows the IFC base point export logic.
TTSD-14651 Import, export, interoperability Logging in to Trimble Connector now works again.
TTSD-15106 Import, export, interoperability In DWG export, if you selected export line type to be following Tekla Structures object and a layer, continuous line type is now exported explicitly as continuous line type. Previously continuous line type was exported as by layer.
TTSD-6272 Import, export, interoperability A beam (coupler) can now be exported to IFC as an IfcMechanicalFastener.
TTSD-9876 Import, export, interoperability When you imported a physical model from Tekla Structural Designer to Tekla Structures, slabs were sometimes imported to incorrect locations. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-14906 Templates and reports Template Editor was updated to version 3.60.18095.
TTSD-6916 Templates and reports Reports now show default values for option list user-defined attributes (UDA) that do not have a value.
TSAC-1194 Drawings Rebar group marking: When Mark1 and Mark2 have no text, the new Extra line length setting on the Mark 3 tab is activated.
TSAC-1246 Drawings In Rebar group marking, template attributes now work correctly on the Mark 3 tab.
TSAC-1409 Drawings You can now enter text in the Prefix and Postfix boxes in the Dimension Properties dialog box in drawings.
TSAC-1575 Drawings

In Rebar pullout picture and marking, a new option was added for the setting Rebar location. This new option only creates marks and hooks.

Marks and hooks only.png

TTSD-10412 Drawings The advanced options XS_DRAWING_PLOT_FILE_NAME_M and XS_DRAWING_PLOT_FILE_NAME_W  now work in accordance to other plot file name advanced options and Tekla User Assistance instructions. They used to be MODEL specific, now they are by default MODEL(ROLE) specific and you can change the type to SYSTEM(ROLE).
TTSD-11121 Drawings Earlier, curved section views did not work for spiral beams, for example, when you wanted to unfold a spiral stairs drawing. Now the curved section views also work for spiral beams.
TTSD-11243 Drawings Single part drawings that were manually included in assembly drawings could lose some dimensions when you updated the drawing. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11419 Drawings Previously, line types in some hatches and symbols were incorrect when printing using the Print Drawings dialog box. This has now been fixed. Note that this problem did not concern the so called "old" printing functionality.
TTSD-11513 Drawings Sometimes a  pull-out picture could disappear from the mark during a drawing update. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11568 Drawings When editing drawings with the Drafter license and using the Draw polygon command, the backspace key now works for undoing or removing the last selected point of the polygon.
TTSD-11601, TTSD-14938 Drawings In the Dimension properties dialog box, the Background mask setting on the Appearance tab is now correctly applied when clicking Apply.
TTSD-11696 Drawings Sometimes, the Copy command in drawings could leave the cursor visible on screen. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11820 Drawings Previously, drawing views were sometimes jumping when moving them. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11881 Drawings Resizing text files in drawings was not working. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-12551 Drawings Earlier, if you set a drawing table layout to empty and it was previously not empty, the previous tables were still visible. This has now been fixed, and the previous tables are no longer visible.
TTSD-12717, 124327 Drawings When resizing a 2D arc in a drawing by dragging with mouse, the arc now retains its start point and end point.
TTSD-12761 Drawings

Previously, you were able to create GA drawings while a drawing was open:

  • By right-clicking a model view and selecting Create GA Drawing
  • By clicking the Create button in the previously opened Create General Arrangement Drawing dialog box.

These commands either crashed Tekla Structures or created an empty drawing. For this reason, both methods for creating a GA drawing from a model view while having drawings open have been either hidden (right-click menu command ) or disabled (the Create button).

TTSD-12849, TTSD-12089 Drawings Pullout pictures for curved bars created by rebar sets have now been fixed.
TTSD-12888 Drawings In some of the drawing mode dialog boxes the on/off switch at the bottom was not working. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-13002 Drawings When drawings containing linked DWGs were printed, the line width of the DWGs did not follow the line width of the color. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-13153 Drawings An application error occurred when you used the backspace key on the keyboard to cancel the previously picked points while creating a polygon or a polyline. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-13160 Drawings Sometimes, rebar dimension marks could disappear. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-13304 Drawings

Search results are now saved as before.

TTSD-13347 Drawings In some complex cases the part protection area was incorrect in drawings. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-13565 Drawings Sometimes linking a view to a drawing from another drawing, and then moving the same view further to a third drawing using the command Move to drawing caused an ID conflict resulting to an infinite loop. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-13568 Drawings The drawing mode keyboard shortcuts F4 - F7 did not work, now they do. If these shortcuts are not shown in the Keyboard shortcuts dialog box, you need to restore each of the commands using the Restore button, or delete the keyboardshortcuts.xml from the local AppData folder and restart Tekla Structures.
TTSD-13658 Drawings Mark aligning is now able to better align more marks close to the view center.
TTSD-13676 Drawings Mark location calculation for marks that are along the part edges in drawings is now slightly more robust.
TTSD-14042 Drawings Previously, if you had manually merged some marks in a drawing, they were sometimes changed unexpectedly if you changed the view settings. This should no longer happen.
TTSD-14097 Drawings When you use the Arrange Drawing Objects (Freeplace) command on dimensions or dimension sets in a drawing, the placing setting is now automatically set to free.
TTSD-14106 Drawings Dragging of mark handles did not always work correctly. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-14193 Drawings The protection area for the first mark with template content is now correctly placed when opening a drawing.
TTSD-14479 Drawings Hiding parts in a drawing was unnecessarily hiding templates as well. This no longer happens.
TTSD-14765 Drawings Previously, if an .rtf file containing a table was inserted inside a view, the table was not displayed correctly, now it is.
TTSD-14828 Drawings Views where parts had multiple cuts are now handled better in the paper space of the DWG export.
TTSD-14832 Drawings DWG drawing export: The DWG export now supports template attributes better in the plot file names defined by the advanced option XS_DRAWING_PLOT_FILE_NAME_A/C/G/M/W.
TTSD-14835 Drawings Drawing time did not take into account daylight saving time. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-14902 Drawings Previously, the current base point in the model affected the drawing _BASEPOINT template field values. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-14905 Drawings The number of objects selected is now updated on the status bar when selecting all marks or all weld marks of the selected objects in a drawing.
TTSD-14954 Drawings Tekla Structure no longer freezes when you use the Arrange Drawing Objects (Freeplace) command on dimensions or dimension sets in a drawing.
TTSD-14958 Drawings The filtering category check in drawing object level settings filters now works as in Tekla Structures 2017 and earlier versions when you define multiple rules, and recognizes the difference between different object types.
TTSD-15003 Drawings The applied Location by value of GA drawing view setting was not used during drawing creation. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-15093 Drawings Now setting the option Welds in hidden parts to None in weld mark view properties hides the welds in the drawing view.
TTSD-15120 Drawings Weld marks were sometimes created for hidden welds even though the view property Welds in hidden parts was set to None. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-15266 Drawings Previously, when you were creating a polygon or a polyline in a drawing and if you were panning the screen during the process, extra points were sometimes  added to the polyline or polygon. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-15665 Drawings The rebar extrema is now calculated by thickening each leg by the bar radius.
TTSD-15787 Drawings Sometimes weld contour lines in drawings were not exported or printed. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-9729 Drawings The .rtf files in Tekla Structures now support simple tables.
TTSD-11276 Tekla Model Sharing The user is now more clearly informed in the rare cases where the user tries to log in to the Sharing service while being a member in several different Tekla Model Sharing organizations.
TTSD-12076 Tekla Model Sharing In a shared model, modified objects with rebar sets are now shared correctly. Previously, for example, if user 1 modified the leg face of a rebar set in a column and wrote out, and user 2 modified a different leg face in the same rebar set and then read in, the changes made by user 1 did not override the changes user 2 had made to the rebar set. This does not happen anymore.
TTSD-12417 Tekla Model Sharing In Tekla Model Sharing, manual assignments of rebar sets to pour units are now shared correctly. Previously, manual assignments were not shared if rebar sets had first been automatically assigned to pour units in the model.
TTSD-13362 Tekla Model Sharing In Tekla Model Sharing, conflicts in rebar set numbering have now been fixed.
TTSD-14321 Tekla Model Sharing In Tekla Model Sharing, there could in some cases be numbering changes when a user read in, even if no changes had been made in the local model. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-14610 Tekla Model Sharing In Tekla Model Sharing, numbering conflicts were not always reliably resolved if there were many incoming packets. This could cause numbering to be unexpectedly reset.
The modelsharing.log now includes information about numbering conflict resolution. The GUIDS of objects that have errors in numbering are listed in certain cases.
TSAC-1161 Reinforcement There is a new template attribute IS_CURVED for reinforcing bars.  The value is 1 when the reinforcing bar is curved bar or has a shape similar to a curved bar. Otherwise, the value is 0.
TSAC-955 Reinforcement Rebar shape manager has been changed so that the formula value is properly calculated and shown also when the formula contains any ‘if-then-else-endif’ statements.
TSAC-956 Reinforcement Rebar shape manager has been changed so that when any custom property is used in any formula and the custom property value is not set (= has ‘empty’ value), the numerical value zero is used (instead of the numerical value -2147483648).

Note that within the shape code rules the value is still the empty value (= not set value).
TTSD-12555 Reinforcement Tapered rebar group dimensions are now reported correctly when the first bar is excluded.
TTSD-12734 Reinforcement The following new template attributes are now available for reporting rebar concrete cover values:
TTSD-9229 Reinforcement HOOK_END and HOOK_START are now correctly reported regardless of the ScheduleDimensionRoundingAccuracy set in rebar_config.inp.
TTSD-10677 Modeling The Modify Profile Catalog dialog box now always shows all profiles. When selecting a profile for a part in the Select Profile dialog box, the Show all profiles check box is now by default selected.
TTSD-11469 Modeling Unselected parts are now correctly shown as sticks in the model view when you hold down the Ctrl key, right-click and select the Show Only Selected command. When using the Hide command, the selected objects are now also shown as sticks when you right-click and select Hide.
TTSD-11775 Modeling Previously, temporary numeric identifiers could be incorrectly handled when using the Save as command. This caused Save as to fail for some models and Tekla Structures displayed the error message "Model in memory is corrupted". This has now been fixed.
TTSD-11858 Modeling You can now move an individual bar in a rebar set by using the Enter a Numeric Location dialog box when direct modification is active. If you use the Move dialog box, the whole rebar set is moved.
TTSD-12773 Modeling Modifying the flat section (plate) of a bent plate does not change the side boundaries anymore if the side boundary is not tapered.
TTSD-12813 Modeling If reopening the model during multi-user save fails, Tekla Structures closes the model and correctly releases the multi-user lock.
An advanced option, XS_MULTIUSER_SAVE_REOPEN_DISABLE_COMPACTION, can be now added to the user.ini file to disable the compaction during multi-user save. Users that frequently get the error "The command could not be completed, restart Tekla Structures and try again", can set XS_MULTIUSER_SAVE_REOPEN_DISABLE_COMPACTION to TRUE to help prevent the error.
TTSD-12821 Modeling The Logical weld property now works in reports. Previously, the result in a report was always empty. 
TTSD-12894 Modeling Drawing list was refreshed and all drawings were always shown on multi-user model after save. Now visible drawings are kept only.
TTSD-13499 Modeling When importing .tsc files created with Tekla Structures 2017i or older to the shape catalog, previously the geometry representation was imported as .xml files. This happened by copying the file from .tsc (= geometry xml + metadata). Now Tekla Structures makes a conversion for the geometry .xml to exist as compressed .tez files in the \ShapeGeometries folder.
TTSD-14092 Modeling The bent plate radius arrow handle now snaps to sensible values when dragging. The arrow itself also follows the camera angle. These improvements make it easier to modify the radius by dragging.
TTSD-14206 Modeling Numbering of selected objects could fail when a cast unit contained rebar sets. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-14589 Modeling When modifying reinforcing bars in the property pane, Tekla Structures will now display a warning message if the resulting reinforcement geometry is invalid.
TTSD-14909 Modeling In some cases, translated column headers in dialog boxes could cause issues in some languages. This happened in Russian in the Design group numbering application, for example. The column headers are now shown in English as previously.
TTSD-14950 Modeling Previously, direct modification could stop working when Organizer was open. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-15169 Modeling Duplicate bolts on a part (bolt in the same location as another bolt) can now be ignored in part numbering using the new advanced option XS_BOLT_DUPLICATE_IGNORE.

When set to:
  • FALSE (default): Although the final geometry is the same, the parts may have different numbering results.
  • TRUE: Duplicate bolts are ignored in part numbering.
The tolerated distance for bolts to be considered duplicates can be adjusted with the advanced option XS_BOLT_DUPLICATE_TOLERANCE. Note that the size of the holes are not taken into consideration, only the placement.
TTSD-15470 Modeling Creating closed polybeam structures in the model is now prevented.
TTSD-15741 Modeling Tekla Structures now supports the Mass Import Tool correctly at position Depth.
TTSD-15829 Modeling Previously, some template properties, such as CC_MAX, were not working in filters. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7206 Modeling Previously, roles did not work when using the Japanese environment on computer with an English system locale, causing Tekla Structures to crash. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-7554 Modeling

In a multi-user model, the selected objects now stay selected when the model is saved. Also, the numbering of the selected objects now works correctly when synchronizing with the master model.

TTSD-9883 Modeling Tekla Structures no longer snaps to the view rotation center.
TTSD-14120 Installation Previously, the Help viewer displayed a warning message about scrips in the offline help package. This prevented the navigation and search working correctly unless you clicked the message and allowed the scrips to run. Now the scripts in the offline help package are allowed to run automatically.
TTSD-12558 Analysis and design Seismic acceleration curve data is now loaded to the Analysis Model Properties dialog box.
TTSD-13662 Analysis and design Previously, when using Robot as the design software, after saving and restarting Tekla Structures and running the analysis again the "... limit values of deflections not done" message appeared and the design could not be done. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-14062 Analysis and design Previously, when rigid link creation was disabled and two nodes were very close to each other, sometimes one of the nodes was not connecting correctly to other parts. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-14171 Analysis and design The loading of the analysis models could fail when saving a multiuser model (where model is reopened), or opening the multiuser model. If the model was saved after this failure, the analysis model was lost.
TTSD-14337 Analysis and design There can now be a maximum of 99 load groups listed in the Load combinations dialog box. Previously, there could be 50 load groups.
TTSD-14463 Analysis and design Previously, load groups were not correctly removed from analysis models that were created with Selected parts and loads as the option for analysis model content. This happened in two situations:
  • When you deleted a load group from the Tekla Structures model.
  • When the load group in the analysis model was referenced in load combinations, but no loads of this group were included in the analysis model.
This has now been fixed.
TTSD-14506 Analysis and design Load groups are now sorted correctly in the Load Combinations dialog box.
TTSD-14658 Analysis and design Previously, loads were not removed from the view when deleting a load group with loads. This has now been fixed.
TTSD-15874 Analysis and design Double-clicking a uniform load now shows the properties of the load in the Uniform Load Properties dialog box.
TTSD-4758 Analysis and design Curved beams are now exported correctly to Tekla Structural Designer.  Set the option for Curved beams to Use curved member in one of these dialog boxes: In the Analysis Model Properties dialog box on the Analysis model tab or in the Beam Analysis Properties dialog box on the Bar attributes tab.
TTSD-5591 Analysis and design Line load magnitude is now visualized correctly in the model.
TTSD-8018 Analysis and design Tekla Structures now shows a warning message when overlapping analysis bars are connected to the same analysis node.
TSAC-1262 Tools and components Copying and modifying the number of objects copied with an array tool by using another array tool does not make Tekla Structures to crash anymore.
TTSD-13384 Tools and components Railings (S77), Hole Generation (32) and Cap plate do not cause Tekla Structures to crash anymore when modified.
TTSD-9079 Tools and components The duplicate Applications & components title has been removed from the Applications & components catalog.
TTSD-9676 Tools and components Clash check of DGN objects against native Tekla Structures objects has been improved.
TTSD-11672 User interface The default shortcut for direct modification is now D, instead of Ctrl+D. Previously, the shortcut D was used for Drag and drop. Drag and drop does not have a default shortcut anymore.
You can customize the keyboard shortcuts in File > Settings > Keyboard shortcuts.
TTSD-13385 User interface When you have added a custom component command button to the ribbon, holding down Shift and clicking the command button now opens the custom component dialog box.
TTSD-13409 User interface The XS_DISPLAY_FILLET_EDGES advanced option does not work in DirectX views. In DirectX views, the fillet edges are never shown. In previous Tekla Structures versions, fillet edges were always shown.
TTSD-14113 User interface The property pane now keeps the properties of the selected object type visible after modification. Previously, you had to open the object type list and select the modified object type again to view the properties.
TTSD-14114 User interface

The property pane title bar now shows the number of the objects in the object type that you have currently selected from the object type list. Previously, the title bar showed the number of the objects that you had selected in the model. The number of all selected objects is shown when you click Select all in the object type list.

property pane title bar.png

TTSD-14338 User interface Property pane can now use customized files from the environment folders.
TTSD-14703 User interface You can now resize the toolbars located at the bottom of the screen, for example, selecting and snapping toolbars.
TSAC-1436, TSAC-1353, TSAC-1170, TSAC-1456, TSAC-1475, TSAC-1397, TSAC-1173, TSAC-1306, TSAC-1455, TSAC-1396, TSAC-1538, TSAC-1537, TSAC-1529, TSAC-1571, TSAC-1526, TSAC-1404, TSAC-1453, TSAC-1614, TSAC-1567 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Improvements in Unitechnik Export (79):
  • Cut part formers are now exported with thickness and installation height of the host part cut section, instead of the thickness and position of the cut itself.

  • Embeds that are outside the double wall shells are now are now exported to the intended shell if added as sub-assembly. If  added to cast unit, will be exported in main part's shell (usually the 1st shell).

  • The following new special assembly export codes (installation types) can now be used: 0, 41, 42, 43.

    • 41 - 43 can be used for orienting the embed symbols according to model orientation:

      • 41: Insertion point embed assembly COG and orients towards the start to end point axis.

      • 42: Insertion point embed part start point and orients towards the end point.

      • 43: Insertion point embed assembly COG and orinets towards the axis of the longest edge.

    • 0 ignores the symbol and will use the sub-assembly bounding box setting according to the insertion COG setting (1 - 5), for example, PLATE 0 0 4.

  • When a rebar fails the validation for diameter of length limitation, you are now notified by a log message.

  • Reinforcement types 1, 2, 5 and 6 are now correctly exported in double wall shells 1 and 2 regardless of turning.

  • Freely selectable bending forms with 6 bending rows are now exported without an extra row, which caused errors in some user interfaces.

  • The embed plotting option now works consistently for embeds that have more than two hierarchy levels.

  • The Text[Template]#Counter option was improved, and now more than one template can be used, and text delimiters are also supported. The Text[Template]#Counter option was also added for the settings Article number - rebar and Article number - mesh on the Reinf. data specification tab.

  • The user-defined attributes dialog box for surface objects now contains a new tab Unitechnik, where you can define line attributes that override scanned line attributes.

  • Embeds tab:

    • There is a new option Yes, no rotation on pallet available for the setting Special assembly export. With this option, the embed symbols are placed according to the panel rotation, but the symbols themselves are not rotated.

    • Embeds, insulation, electric tubes, opening embed, opening cutout, cutpart former, opening with corner symbols, braced girder and ignored parts from export can now be designated by class or by name in the dialog box. Previously, only class could be used.

    • Embeds in special assembly symbol definition file can now also be designated by template property and its value in format [TEMPLATE:VALUE] instead of the embed name.

  • SLABDATE block data specification tab:

    • You can now export weight in the SLABDATE block as cast unit weight or as template property using the new Production weight options Cast unit weight and Template.

    • You can now select which value is exported as total thickness by using the new setting Total thickness. The options are:

- Cast unit thickness
- Concrete part thickness
- Main part thickness
- Template

  • TS configuration tab:

    • There are two new options for the setting Export CUTOUTs: Exclude selected excludes from the export the modeled cut parts that you define by class or name, and Selected only includes in the export the cut parts that you define by class or name.

  • Reinforcement tab:

    • There is a new option Bent meshes with end hooks available for the setting Bent reinf. as unfolded. This option exports end hook shapes L, S and U (flection form 1, 4 and 5) as terminal hooks according to the Unitechnik specification. Other shapes are exported as free flection forms like before.

  • Mounting part data specification tab:

    • It is now possible to define the type of the mounting part by class or by name in Type of mounting part. Define the exceptional classes/names in the first dialog field separated by blank space and the paired mounting part types in same sequence separated by blank space.

  • Pallet tab:

    • Now when you have selected Combined, n slabdate, 1 part as the output file structure, you can select the logic of sequencing panels on pallet using main part or cast unit ACN or number, main part UDA or main part template, or  Unitechnik transport UDAs.You can set the sequence as Ascending or Descending.

    • With the new setting Y offset you can specify the Y offset of elements on the pallet.

  • Log files tab:

    • With the new setting Write file name to UDA, you can select to write the full export file name (File name with extension) or the export file name without the file name extension (File name without extension) to hidden mainpart UDA UT_FILE_NAME.

TSAC-1593 Import, export, interoperability (concrete) Export EliPlan file (68): With the new setting Filter by part on the Parameters tab you can designate parts which will be excluded or included in export by class or by name. You can do this for element data, material quantities or secondary concrete.
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