Slab deflection example (ACI)

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Slab deflection example (ACI)

In the following exercises deflections will be checked for the two story multi-bay flat slab tutorial model shown below.


  • Bay centers 26’ 3”
  • Floor to Floor spacing 9’ 10”
  • Slab thickness 11 ¼ “, concrete grade 4500 psi
  • 18” x 18” columns, concrete grade 4500 psi
  • Analysis stiffness adjustment factors in accordance with ACI code guidance


  • Dead area load 30 psf
  • Live area load 105 psf
  • Cladding perimeter load 0.7klf

Deemed to satisfy checks provide one method of checking, however the main focus of these exercises will be to investigate rigorous slab deflection analysis and check lines as the method of checking.

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