Overview of Side panes

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Overview of Side panes

By default most windows are initially docked at a specific position, however some are displayed as side panes instead, (a side pane being what a docked window reduces to when it is auto-hidden).

Clicking a side pane opens the associated window. The buttons at the top right of the window then operate as follows:

Button Function
Docks the window to the edge of the interface and prevents it from auto-hiding.
For a docked window, clicking Auto Hide reduces it to a side pane at the same edge when it is not active.
Clicking Close closes the window and removes the side pane. A closed window can be reopened from the Windows ribbon.

Typically the following windows are initially displayed on the right of the interface as side panes:

1. Scene Content side pane

The Scene Content side pane is used to control the displayed content in the 2D and 3D Scene Views.

The Scene Content window contains:

  1. Entity categories (with check boxes)

    Some categories have arrow symbols to their side, indicating sub categories. Click the arrow symbol in order to see the sub categories.

    The checkbox controls whether the entity category and its associated information is displayed. You can check the entities that you want to display and clear the ones that you do not.

  2. Entity information controls

    Entity information controls list the information in each category that will be displayed. When clicked, they expand to lists that allow you to select the information you want to display in the model view.

2. Tekla Online side pane

The Tekla Online side pane is used to access Tekla Online services provided for users of Tekla Structural Designer, for example Tekla User Assistance and Tekla Discussion Forum.

3. Trimble Connect side pane

The Trimble Connect side pane is used to access the Trimble Connect project collaboration tool.

4. Reference Models side pane

The Reference Models side pane is used to control the visibility of imported 3D reference models.

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