Slab deflection status and utilization

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Slab deflection status and utilization

The status and the utilization can be graphically displayed for both Check lines and slabs.

Check lines Status and Utilization

Every check line can have up to six different deflection checks assigned to it for different events. Every check line will therefore have a Pass/Fail status and a critical utilization ratio

Once check lines are set up and any re-analysis is undertaken i.e. due to optimization of a slab design, adding reinforcement etc. then the check lines are automatically re-checked so you will obtain instant feedback on status and utilization.

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Slab Deflection Status and Utilization

Slab deflection status is determined for each slab item as the worst status from all associated check lines detected within the slab item or touching the slab item boundary.

In the above status view:

  1. No check lines cross the slab items between C-D / 2-3 and C-E / 3-4 so the slab reports Unknown as no checks have been performed
  2. One passing check line crosses the slabs between C-E / 4-5 so the slab reports a Pass.
  3. A fail at any point in a check line causes the status of every slab item crossed by the check line to report as a Fail. Hence, all other slab items Fail.

Slab deflection utilization is similarly determined for each slab item as the worst utilization from all associated check lines.

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