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Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

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Command Description

Create a new blank model.

See also: Start a new project

(droplist) Create a new project based on an existing template.

See also: Create a new project based on a template


Open a Tekla Structural Designer model.

See also: Open a project

Close Close the model.
Save Close the model.
Save As Saves the currently open model to a new name, or to a template.
Project Wiki Opens the Project Wiki dialog for recording properties associated with the project, and to record revisions.

See also: Project summary, revisions and metrics

Model Settings Opens the Model Settings dialog to specify settings for the current project.
Manage Property Sets Import, Export and Delete property sets.

See also: Transfer property sets between models

Manage View Configurations Opens or deletes saved View Configurations.
Find Find and select objects by typing a part of their name.

See also: Select using Find

Walk Walk through 3D views.

See also: Walk through the model in a 3D view

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