Create and manage user-defined attributes

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Create and manage user-defined attributes

You can define user-defined attributes (UDAs) to save miscellaneous data to files, individual members and panels.

User-defined attributes are flexible, and you can use them for a variety of purposes. For example, you can:
  • Apply descriptive labels, such as construction phases.

  • Record paint specifications.

  • Attach office documents, pictures, or other associated files.

  • Link to design files from other applications.

  • Filter material lists and member design reports for specific attributes.

Attaching files as attributes

When a file is attached as an attribute, you can embed it within the Tekla Structural Designer file. When embedded, the attached file is included when the model is transferred to another computer.


The embedded file only gets attached to the Tekla Structural Designer file when the model is saved using Save or Save As.

This means that the embedded files are not attached when you use Save Model Only. Similarly, if you have to revert to an autosaved version of the model, the embedded files will not be attached.

Transferring attributes

Attributes are transferred when models are exported to Tekla Structures and Revit. In the current release, attributes are not yet included for Tekla Structural Designer drawings.

UDA definitions and values

Example UDA definitions are included in the default settings sets. You can easily modify the definitions according to your needs. You can modify the definitions that apply to the current model in Model Settings.

You can attach specific UDA values to members and panels according to your needs.

Once a UDA value exists, it can also be assigned to or removed from members graphically by using the Review View.

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