Export to and import from Westok Cellbeam

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Export to and import from Westok Cellbeam

To export and import beams to and from Westok Cellbeam, see the following restrictions and instructions.


Cellbeam import and export are only available for BS and Eurocode head codes.

Export to Cellbeam

  1. On the BIM Integration tab, click Cellbeam Export.

    The Export Westok Beams dialog box opens. Any Westok Cellular beams in the model are listed in the dialog.

  2. Select the beams that you want to transfer to Westok Cellbeam, and click Next.
  3. Select the export format and name the file.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Ensure that you have selected the design combinations whose results you want to use in the Westok beam design.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Select the folder where you want to place the Westok files, and click Export.
  8. Click Finish.

Import from Cellbeam


In order to import Westok beams into your model, you must have previously created the beams in your Tekla Structural Designer model, and have exported them to Westok design. When you do this, each beam is given a unique identifier. This means that when you import the results from the Westok file, Tekla Structural Designer knows to which beam in your model the imported details apply.

  1. On the BIM Integration tab, click Cellbeam Import.

    The Import Westok Beams dialog box opens.

  2. Click Add...
  3. Select the files that you want to import.
  4. If necessary, change the file names.
  5. Click Open.
  6. Click Import.

    Provided that Tekla Structural Designer recognizes the identifier, the details in the files are imported to the associated beam in your model.

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