Open a combining job

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Open a combining job

To view the details and add new items to a combining job, you need to open it in the Combining dialog box.

  1. At the top left corner of the Tekla EPM window, click Combining.

  2. In the Select Combining Job dialog box, click the job that you want to open in the navigation tree on the left, or use the Find Job command.

    Jobs whose statuses are set to Closed are not shown by default. To show closed jobs, select the Show Closed Jobs check box.

  3. Double-click the job, or select it and click Open.

The combining job opens in the Combining dialog box.

The materials are listed in the display area at the center of the dialog box.

You can add or modify information for items in the input area on the right side.

To customize the Combining dialog box according to your preferences, see the instructions in Define company standard settings for Combining.

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