Data tables

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Data tables

Data tables are tables that contain and allow you to access engineering data. Using the Data Tables tool, you can return a piece of the engineering data to your calculations. For more information on the use and benefits of the Data Tables tool, see the following paragraphs.

You do not need to open the Data Tables tool separately, since it automatically opens if the calculation requires any data from it.

Using the Data Tables tool, you can:
  • Access a wide range of data including such information as design tables and proprietary manufacturers data.

  • Search any table using comprehensive criteria.

  • Interpolate data tables to see the exact values that you need in your calculations.

  • Select specific items simultaneously in all open data tables.

  • Return details from some or all tables to your calculations.

The Data Tables tool consists of an application window that contains one or more subsidiary windows, each of which contains the information for a particular table.

When you select a single item, the Data Tables tool selects the same item in all open tables. You can then either:

  • Return the information from all the open data tables to your calculations.

  • Select the tables whose information you want to return to your calculations.

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