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General enhancements

A number of general enhancements have been made for Tedds 2020. (Note that some features documented below were included in previous updates to Tedds 2019).


  • Improved calculation user interfaces so that if an expression error occurs the only available option is to immediately abort so that the input which caused the error can be modified. If you are writing your own custom calculations and want the continue option to remain available in order to diagnose defects in your calculations then run your calculation with the new Debug Mode option enabled, see below for more details.

  • Enhanced regional settings so that if the locale is changed and the country setting has been previously set for that locale then the previous setting will be restored which allows a different country setting to be remembered per locale.

Tedds Application

  • Enhanced header options to include a setting which determines whether the Calc Date field in the document header is updated when a document is calculated.

  • Enhanced the user interface dialogs associated with editing the document header so that they are optimised for high resolution displays.

Tedds for Word

  • When using the Library Access System performance has been improved when editing a Calc Item to prevent delays opening the edit item dialog in large Calc Sets.

Writing calculations

  • A new options dialog has been added for Debug Settings. These options are designed to assist you when fixing defects in custom written calculations.

  • Debug Mode

    Debug mode changes how some functions and calculations behave in order to assist the diagnosis of errors (bugs) when writing custom calculations. Some calculations may alter their behaviour when debug mode is enabled, therefore debug mode should always be disabled when producing final output calculations.

  • Log All Expressions

    When calculating is in progress, tracing will log messages that help you to monitor the execution sequence of your calculations, to detect malfunctions. The messages that tracing produces appear in the Progress Log window therefore the Progress Log must be enabled to read the messages.

  • Delete temporary variables when finishing calculations

    Normally when the calculation process has finished all variables which have the temporary attribute enabled will be automatically deleted, enabling this options prevents them from being deleted.

  • Cache Calc Libraries

    Normally during the calculation process when a Calc Library is opened it will remain open until the calculation process has finished in order to improve the speed of calculating. When a library is open in the cache it cannot be modified therefore if you want to modify calculations whilst they are running you can disable this setting.

  • Enable progress log when calculating preview items

    In calculation user interfaces which include a preview window for showing results the progress log is normally disabled whilst the preview window is updated, if you need to debug the calculations used to update the preview results then you can disable this setting.

  • Show calculation options

    When enabled a button is added to the toolbar in calculation user interfaces which allows you to access the calculation options dialog.

  • Show QuickCalc

    When enabled a button is added to the toolbar in calculation user interfaces which allows you to show the QuickCalc window. The QuickCalc window can be used to execute expressions whilst the calculations user interface is running in order to query or modify the processing of the calculation.

  • New function to help when fixing bugs, "WatchFunction" can be used to help diagnose problems when writing calculations because it allows you to see whenever a specific function is used and what arguments have been passed to the function.

  • New drawing function "DrawCurve" which draws a curve using a cardinal spline.

  • New drawing functions DrawDimensionLineCapSize and DrawLabelLineCapSize for setting the size of the line caps used on dimension lines and labels respectively.

  • Enhanced the "SetVar" functions so that when assigning a value to a read only variable if the "-r" attribute is specified then modifying the value will be allowed and the read only attribute will be removed. If the "+r" attribute is also applied after the "-" attribute then the variable will remain read only after the assignment.

  • Enhanced the List View control to include an optional footer which can be used to display status text at the bottom of the list which is always visible.

Tekla Tedds API

  • The Tekla Tedds API has been enhanced to make it easier than ever to automate your design tasks. A new "InitializeCalcItem" method has been added to the Calculator object which will initialize the calculator instance and start the specified calculation.

  • Modified the behaviour of the Calculator.GetVariables method to exclude temporary variables by default. A new method Calculator.GetVariables2 has been added which allows variables to be returned including temporary variables.

  • Enhanced Tedds API so that the Tedds calculator includes a new "UndefinedVariable" event which allows the default undefined variable dialog to be overridden with a custom event handler. The event can be used to allow expressions to reference data in the host application via variables which the host application provides on demand.


+ Many more enhancements and improvements…

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