TSD will not open. I get an error - No licenses are currently available. The Program will close.

Tekla Structural Designer
Not version-specific
Tekla Structural Designer
Not environment-specific

Problem Description

  • When attempting to run TSD (any version) the following message is displayed "No licenses are currently available. The program will close.

  • The License Manager does not launch. 

  • When checked it is found the required license is available.

TSD license issue1.jpg

The error message may also be "All licenses are currently in use. The program will now close"

Issue and Resolution

These symptoms can have two causes that we have found, the first being the most common:

  1. Program setting and/ or user configuration data is corrupt
  2. Another program or installation has installed incorrect 32bit versions of shared system files in the windows\system32 directory

Issue 1 Explanation and Resolution

Program setting and/ or user configuration data is corrupt - it is not known which particular setting is involved so the solution is to delete the settings/ configuration data folder.  First delete or rename the Tekla Structural Designer User settings folder related to the version you are running.  This will be within the following directory:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Tekla\Tekla Structural Designer\

TSD license issue 2.jpg


  • You may need to enable visibility of hidden files/ folders in Windows in order to do this - if you do not know how see View hidden files and folders in Windows 10

  • <username> will be your Windows user account name for this computer - only you will know this.

  • You will be prompted to import your preferred default settings set when you next run TSD.

If this does not work, also delete the User configuration folder for the version you are running.  This is at the root of the directory:


TSD license issue 3.jpg

The folder will be called something like ""TSD.exe_Url_xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx""  where "xxxxxxx..." is a string of random characters as shown in the picture above.  Open the folder to find out which version it relates to.  The folder will be re-created when  TSD is next run again.

TSD license issue 4.jpg

Issue 2 Explanation and Resolution

This is likely to be quite rare.  Some third party installation or software has put 32-bit versions of the some shared system dll files in the C:\Windows\system32 directory.  The following files are involved:

C:\Windows\system32\msvcp120.dll and C:\Windows\system32\msvcr120.dll

Steps to Resolve are:

  1. Rename the following files and suffix the file extension with _x86.

    Rename msvcp120.dll to msvcp120.dll_x86

    Rename msvcr120.dll to msvcr120.dll_x86

  2. Then run TSD - the installation should try to repair itself at this point and put the correct versions in place - accept the on-screen prompts to do this. 

  3. If this does not occur automatically, open Control Panel >  Programs and Features run a Repair on the Tekla Structural License Service 64-bit.


  • Although the C:\Windows\system32 directory name seems to imply it is for 32-bit system files, on a 64-bit machine it is not.  It is for 64-bit files.  On a 64-bit machine, the location for the 32-bit files is actually windows\sysWow64 which can be rather confusing!

  • If you reinstall which ever program placed these files in the system32 folder the problem is likely to recur.

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