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United States (Metric)


The macro is designed to work with reports and attributes from the Latin America template from the USA environment Metric Roles beginning with Tekla Structures 2022 Service Pack 5.

The PAC macro was developed for Latin American workflows. The macro is used for exporting and Import[ing] user-defined attribute values. The macro generates a report called Assmbly_and_CU_BEP_to_Main_Parts.csv and later imports this same report using the ☰ (File)Import > Attributes option.

The Assmbly_and_CU_BEP_to_Main_Parts.csv report is an assembly report that includes the GUID of the main part as the "key field". This way, when importing the report, the assembly data will be added to the main part.


The macro is editable and you can change the type of report you want to export and import. It is important that if you want to modify the macro, you must change the 2 lines where the name of the report appears.


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