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The phase list on the drawing is limited to 5 phases. My current model has 10 phases how do I increase the number of phases so I can see all 10 phases next to my multisheet drawing Bill of material?

Correct the default Phase Template is set to always show 5 phases. If you need more phases you will need to modify the Phase template called TypeM-Drg_Phases.tpl for the Multi sheets or TypeA_Phases.tpl for assembly drawings.

1. Open the Template called TypeM-Drg_Phases.tpl inside the template editor.
2. After the template opens Click File>SaveAs. Save a copy of the template to your current model folder.
3. You will see the 5 different Bill of Material Styles Rows shown on the Right. Select the Style you need to modify. The corresponding row will highlight to help you find the start of it. Here we have select Style 1.


Note: The First Row contains the heading information. Also notice the space to the right of the last phase is there to make room for the Bill of Material. This is typical for all rows.We need to increase everything to the left to avoid over lapping onto the Bill of material.

4. Modify the line work for the heading to show all needed phases. Select the vertical line and move it all the way to the left against the edge of the row.
5. Stretch the left end of the Horizontal lines all the way to the left.
6. Reposition the text PHASE.

7. Copy the phase number and vertical lines to the right for each phase you will need.
    Tip: In order to maintain the spacing you can copy the numbers and vertical lines together.

8.  Here I selected the number 1 all the way to the last vertical line leaving the number 5. Then pasted it back to the row.

9. Next in order to to realign the lines and text with the line from the row below right click and select Group. This will make all the lines and text move a one block.
10. Select the vertical line from the row below.


11. Right click and select align Right.
12. Repeat this process for all the rows for this Bill of Material Style.
13. Correct the phase numbers to read 1 through 10 by double clicking on each number and editing the Text

14. Next Modify each value field by double clicking in it to open the properties. Change the phase number in the GetValue and the Name to match the correct phase heading.

15. Save and close the template.


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