Remove from parts the UDAs that are deleted with objects.inp

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Is there a way to remove from parts the UDAs that are deleted with objects.inp?

I made a model-specific objects.inp file, and after a while I found out that it was not necessary and deleted the objects.inp file from the model folder. The UDAs from the deleted objects.inp file remained for the parts. The inquire object still shows them. Is it possible to remove these UDAs?

Follow these steps to clear the user-defined attributes:

1. You need to place back the UDA tabs into the objects.inp, then
2. Go to the model, clear the values from the UDA fields of the parts.
3. Now you can delete the objects.inp from the model folder or clear again the unwanted UDAs from the objects.inp.
4. Now the UDA lines are not shown in the part inquiry.

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