User-defined template attributes

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

User-defined template attributes

User-defined template attributes are defined in the contentattributes_userdefined.lst file. By default, this file includes most of the user-defined attributes that are visible in the part properties dialog boxes. To use your own attributes in templates and reports, you should make a copy of the file, rename it appropriately, and add the necessary attributes to that file.

The contentattributes_userdefined.lst file is divided into two sections:

  • A list of attribute names and default settings:

  • A list of attributes assigned to content types:

    1. The content type of the row in Template Editor
    2. The attribute hierarchy in Template Editor
    3. Customizable comments, such as the tab name in the user-defined attributes dialog box
    4. The name of the user-defined attribute, must be the same as in the objects.inp file
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