Create a baseline for a model in Tekla Model Sharing

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Create a baseline for a model in Tekla Model Sharing

If you are the Owner of a model in Tekla Model Sharing , and you want to keep a record of the current progress in the model or you want to make the model faster to join for a new user, you can create a new starting point for the model in the sharing service. This new starting point is a baseline. Baseline is a snapshot of the current state of the model. When you create a baseline, a full model is always written out to the sharing service. We recommend the Owner to create a new baseline when a new user has been invited to the model.

  1. On the File menu, click Sharing > Create baseline .
  2. Enter a code or a comment, if entering revision comments has been enabled in the Sharing settings dialog box.

    A full model is written out to the sharing service. Files and folders that have been excluded from the sharing are not included in the baseline.

    If you need to read in while you are creating the baseline, you need to repeat the Create baseline command after you have read in other users' changes.

  3. If needed: Invite someone to join the model.

    When the new user joins the model, the Available updates list opens.

    The user can then select a baseline or an update to join. The Available updates list shows all the baselines and the updates after the latest baseline. You can select any baseline or update to join, not only the latest. By joining an earlier baseline or update you can go back in the model history, and, for example, check the model state on a certain date.

    Joining a baseline is beneficial for users who join the model when there already are many changes made. Joining a baseline instead of an update is also faster.

    After joining a model, only incremental update packets are read in from the sharing service.


    You can also create a baseline using the Sharing automation tool from the Applications & components catalog.

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