Timber member design handbook

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer

Timber member design handbook

Timber structures can be modelled and analyzed in Tekla Structural Designer. If a licence of Tekla Tedds is available, timber beams, columns and braces can then also be designed.

Note: The following limitations and assumptions apply:
  • The user should ensure the locale is set correctly in Tekla Tedds before attempting to run the design from Tekla Structural Designer.
  • Design is supported for NDS LRFD, NDS ASD, base Eurocode, and the following Eurocode National Annexes: UK; Ireland; Norway; Finland; Sweden.
    • If the Singapore or Malaysia Eurocode National Annex is selected, the calculation will adopt base Eurocode recommended values.
  • All timber sections should be consistent with the Timber property assumptions appropriate to the selected head code.
  • If working to the NDS code, size classifications taken from the NDS supplement 'Design Values for Wood Construction' are used in the Tedds calculation to distinguish which grades are valid for particular timber species. The same classification rules are not implemented in Tekla Structural Designer itself. Therefore, after a member has been designed in Tedds, if the member size or grade is subsequently changed in Tekla Structural Designer the associated Tedds calculation is deleted, so that the member cannot be checked and a redesign is required.
  • Column design: If designing a multi-stack column the user must indicate a splice in the stack properties before running the design if a change in cross section is required between stacks. If a splice has not been specified the change in section size will not be correctly returned to the Tekla Structural Designer model.

The following topics are covered in this handbook:

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