Key features for analysis and design

Tekla Structural Designer
Tekla Structural Designer
tekla structural designer
Service pack 4
dynamic analysis
wind tunnel
wall distributed reactions
elastic theory
mesh walls
eccentricity moments
minimum design forces
pile punching check

Watch as we explore key features for analysis and design in Tekla Structural Designer 2020, Service Pack 4. Analysis will cover dynamic analysis and the process needed to complete this successfully before moving onto wall distributed reactions and the improved output for mesh walls. Design topics will cover patterning of eccentricity moments from steel beams on steel columns, minimum design forces and the pile punching check between piles and the mat foundations.

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Dynamic Analysis - Wind Tunnel Data Report Generation      
Walls - Distributed Wall Reactions                           
Steel Design - New Patterning of Eccentricity Moments                      
Minimum Design Forces & Rounding Increment                            
Concrete Design - Pile Punching Checks on Mat Foundations

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