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Start Tekla Tedds

To start Tekla Tedds do one of the following:
  • In the Windows start menu, find and select Start Tedds.
  • On the desktop, double-click the Start Tedds icon.

The Tedds Start wizard appears.

Follow the instructions below to continue.

Note: See Tedds and Tedds for Word – what’s the difference? for more information about the choices.

Launch Tedds (the Tedds Application)

At the Tedds Start wizard:

Click Tedds.

The Tedds Start Page appears.

On the Tedds Start Page you have the following options:
  • If you have purchased additional regional libraries, you can set the default region locale by using the Locale list.

  • To create an empty document and select a calculation in the calculation library, go to the New tab and select New Document


    If necessary, on the New tab, you can also click the calculation name in the Recently used calculations list. Tedds then creates a new document containing the selected calculation.

  • To open an existing document, either click Open Document and browse to find the document, or click the document name in the list under Open Document.

  • To create an empty project, go to the New tab and click New Project.

  • To open an existing project, either click Open Project and browse to find the project, or click the project name in the list under Open Project.

  • To open the Tedds quick start guide, release notes, user guide, or help in a new window, click the required command under Learn the product.

What next?

Launch Tedds for Word

At the Tedds Start wizard:

Click Tedds for Word.

If you have more than one version of Microsoft Word installed on your computer, click the version that you want to use.

A new Tedds for Word document opens, in which you can start writing your own calculations.
Note: After launching Tedds for Word, you may want to adjust some Microsoft Word settings. For further information, see Microsoft Word settings.
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