Tekla Structures 2023 Product Guides

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Tekla Structures 2023 Product Guides

Welcome to Tekla Structures documentation!

What's new in this version?

For new features and improvements, see the Tekla Structures 2023 release notes.

If you manage Tekla Structures settings for other users or for yourself, see how this release can be customized and how your existing configurations are affected in the administrator's release notes.

Your Tekla reseller provides information about changes in the local environment in the Localization release notes.

New to Tekla Structures?

Introduction to Tekla Structures user interface

Get to know Tekla Structures basic working methods

Quick start to Tekla Structures drawings

Ways to access Tekla Structures help

Pressing F1, Ctrl+F1, or a help button in the user interface launches the online help site for Tekla Structures.

By default, all help content is online. Offline help installation packages are available in Tekla Downloads. We recommend that you use the online help when possible.

The help is also available when Tekla Structures is not running. Depending on your Windows operating system, you can access the help through the Start menu or Start screen. Select the Tekla Structures version, then click Documentation.

Other ways to access Tekla Structures Product Guides

PDF documentation

Offline help package

Other guides and resources

Tekla Structures glossary (PDF)

Tekla Warehouse user guide

BIM content creation guide (PDF)

Tekla Discussion Forum

Tekla Developer Center

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