Multi-user mode

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Multi-user mode

You can work on Tekla Structures models in either single-user or multi-user mode. Multi-user mode allows several users to access the same model at the same time. Several users can work on the same project and be aware of the others’ progress. This eliminates the need for copying and merging models.


  • No duplicate models to control, track or store

  • Using only one model reduces on site errors

  • Erection plans based on a single master model

  • Bolt and material lists generated from a single master model

  • Ability to share the workload of large projects among many users

  • Ability to collect model history (see XS_COLLECT_MODEL_HISTORY)

Other issues to consider

As with all projects, you need to plan your multi-user project carefully. Some issues to consider are:

  • Only one user can save to the master model at a time

  • Use a numbering plan. When working with multi-user models, always use the option Synchronize with master model (save-numbering-save) in the Numbering setup dialog box to prevent saving conflicts.

  • Schedule numbering sessions appropriately (it can take some time to number larger models)

  • If possible, assign distinct areas of the model to each user to avoid conflicts that may happen when several users are working in the same area.

  • You should never use a mix of single-user and multi-user setups on one project. Saving a multi-user model in single-user mode deletes changes by other users working on the model, and can also corrupt the model. See Saving in multi-user mode to find out how saving works in multi-user mode.


Tekla Structures multi-user mode only runs on TCP/IP-based networks.

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