AutoConnection and AutoDefaults rules

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

AutoConnection and AutoDefaults rules

You can create your own AutoConnection and AutoDefaults rules for project and company defaults. By defining rules you can accurately select connections and connection properties when using AutoConnection and AutoDefaults.

General rules

  • Profile name is the name in the profile catalog.
  • Profile type
    Profile type Number
    I 1
    L 2
    Z 3
    U 4
    Plate 5
    Round bar 6
    Pipe 7
    Square pipe 8
    C 9
    T 10
    ZZ 15
    CC 16
    CW 17
    Polygon plate 51
  • Number of secondary parts
  • Number of main parts
  • Material name

Orientation rules

Depending on the relative angle of a beam, the connections can be classified as sloped, skewed, or cant. The angle value can be between - 90 and 90 degrees.

  • Sloped angle (relative to main part cross section)

    The longitudinal axis of the secondary part follows the slope of the longitudinal axis of the main part.

  • Skewed angle (relative to main part longitudinal axis)

    The longitudinal axis of the secondary part is skewed according to the main part cross section. The angle is the smaller of the angles between the longitudinal axis of the secondary part and the main part Z or Y axis.

  • Cant angle

    For rotated secondary parts

Dimension rules

  • Profile depth
  • Web depth

    For profiles with an upper and lower flange, the web depth is: h-t1-t2-2*r1

    Or, if t2 is zero: h-2*t-2*r1

    For profiles with one flange, the web depth is h-t-r1-r2.

  • Web thickness
  • Flange thickness

Forces and strengths

  • Shear force
  • Axial force
  • Bending moment
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