Define what affects numbering

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Define what affects numbering

To define which properties affect numbering in your model, modify the settings in the Numbering Setup dialog box.

You can have Tekla Structures compare the following properties:

  • Holes (if created with the Bolt command)

  • Part name

  • Beam orientation

  • Column orientation

  • Assembly name

  • Assembly phase (XS_​ENABLE_​PHASE_​OPTION_​IN_​NUMBERING set to TRUE)

  • Reinforcement

  • Embedded objects (affect only cast units)

  • Surface treatment (affects only assemblies)

  • Welds (affect only assemblies)

If these properties differ, Tekla Structures treats objects as different, and therefore numbers them differently.

For example, if two otherwise identical parts have different names and you select the Part name check box, Tekla Structures gives the parts different numbers.

By default, a part retains its number, as long as only one part has that particular number, regardless of the settings in the Numbering Setup dialog box.

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