Reference model objects

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Reference model objects

Some types of reference models are automatically subdivided into reference model objects, which is an individual part of an imported reference model. You can define user-defined attributes separately for each reference model object and use them for reports and the view and selection filters. They can also be moved to a Tekla Structures model that is currently being worked on. Information included in a reference model object can be saved in the model database.

The reference model objects are read-only.

Whether the reference model supports splitting depends on the file format and file structure. .ifc models are always automatically subdivided, and. .dwg files that include any of the following objects, are also automatically subdivided:

  • block table

  • polyface mesh

  • polygon mesh

  • proxy object (for example, ADT)

  • ACIS objects (3DSolid, Body, Region)

The file formats .dgn, .prp, .skp, .step, and .iges are not subdivided.


To report a needed reference object attribute you can inquire a reference object in the model to see the property name and then in Template Editor, add that property name to be reported in a Reference* row.

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