Tips for large models

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Tips for large models

Modeling item


Coordinate system

  • Do not place the model far away from the origin. The further away from the origin you model, the less precise all the computations become.

  • Mark global coordinates as labels instead of actually using them during modeling.

  • If you need to use building site coordinates, drop the first digits if they are always the same. For example, instead of coordinate 758 375 6800, use 375 6800.

  • Base points allow you to use another coordinate system needed for interoperability and collaboration. You can use another coordinate system for inserting reference models and exporting IFC models. When you use base points, you can keep the coordinates small and locate the model wherever needed. You can create as many base points as you need, and select one of those to be the project base point. For more information, see Base points.

Work area and visibility

  • Keep the work area as small as possible.

  • Show only the required parts in views.

  • Use view filters to control the visibility of parts.


  • Close unnecessary views.

  • Close all views when you save large models.

Selection switches

  • Switch on the Select reference models selection switch only when necessary. The speed of zooming and rotating may be affected by this switch especially in large and complicated models that contain reference models.

Round objects

  • Create holes with the Create bolts command instead of using part cuts with round beams.

  • Use studs to model small straight round objects instead of small round beams.

  • Model lifting hooks and other embeds with reinforcement bars instead of round polybeams.

Hollow core profiles

  • Use simple fixed (non-parametric) profiles.

  • Use chamfers for curved corners.

Custom components

  • Do not create overly complex custom components. When used in great numbers they consume a lot of memory.


  • Do not number the whole model in one go. Numbering all objects in large models may take a considerable amount of time.

Model database

  • If your model file is getting large, repairing the model database can help to reduce the file size considerably and therefore help with memory problems.

Firm and Project folders

  • Save Firm and Project folders locally on the hard drive of your computer instead of a network drive. This saves time if network speed is slow.

    When working in the multi-user mode, ensure that the folders are synchronized on all users’ hard drives so that important data is not lost or changed.

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