Template attribute files (contentattributes.lst)

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Template attribute files (contentattributes.lst)

Template attributes represent object properties. You can use template attributes in value fields, formulas, and row rules to get the required data from your Tekla Structures database.

When you output the template, Tekla Structures replaces the attribute with the actual value of the corresponding object property. For example, if you include the attribute WEIGHT in a report template, Tekla Structures displays the weight of the model object in the report.

Template attributes are defined in the following files:

File name



This is a container file listing all the files that contain the actual attribute definitions. The files are added with INCLUDE sentences. The order of the files included in contentattributes.lst defines the reading order of the files.

This file is overwritten in the installation when you install a newer version of Tekla Structures. Ensure that you make a copy of this file before updating.

Generally, there is no need to modify contentattributes.lst. Do not modify it if you are not an administrator.


This file contains attributes that are hard-coded into the program. Do not edit this file.


This file contains user-defined attributes, the same as in the objects.inp file.

This file is overwritten in the installation when you install a newer version of Tekla Structures. To use your own attributes in templates and reports, create a copy of this file and add the necessary attributes to that file.

By default, these files are located in ..\Program Files\Tekla Structures\<version>\nt\bin\TplEd\settings, but the location may be different in your environment.

The search order for the contentattributes.lst file is defined in the tpled.ini file. The location of the tpled.ini file is defined by the XS_TPLED_INI advanced option.

The following pointers are allowed in the tpled.ini file:
  • @\ = location of the tpled.ini file

  • .\ = location of tpled.exe (C:\Program Files\Tekla Structures\<version>\nt\bin\TplEd)

To include your own attributes, modify the contentattributes.lst files in the relevant environment folders. Note that the contentattributes.lst files are overwritten when you install a new version of Tekla Structures.

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