Fly through the model

Tekla Structures
Tekla Structures

Fly through the model

Using the Fly command, you can travel through a model, changing direction and varying the speed as you go. You can also adjust the field of view setting, which can be useful when flying in a tight space.

  1. Set view projection to Perspective.
    1. Double-click the view to open the View Properties dialog box.
    2. In the Projection list, select Perspective.
    3. Click Modify.
  2. If needed, adjust the field of view setting.

    The bigger the value, the more distance there is between the parts when you fly through the model.

    1. On the File menu, click Settings > Advanced options, and go to the Model views category.
    2. Modify the advanced option XS_​RENDERED_​FIELD_​OF_​VIEW.
    3. Click OK.
  3. On the View tab, click Fly.
  4. Select a view.

    The mouse pointer changes into an arrow and a cross. The arrow indicates the current flying direction.

  5. Drag the mouse to move around in the model.
    • To fly forward, move the mouse forward.

    • To change the flying direction, drag the mouse in the desired direction.

      The flying speed grows exponentially when you are approaching the model from a distance.

    • To move up or down, hold down Ctrl and drag the mouse forward or backward.

    • To change the camera angle, scroll with the mouse wheel.

    • To fly in the in the direction of the camera angle, hold down Shift and scroll forward or backward.

  6. To stop flying, press Esc.
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